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day 1 again: back to square one

day 1 again sober journey no alcohol drinking sobriety blog post

At 7:53am the intercom from downstairs buzzes. "Yes?" "Qdelivery." I had sold two separate items on Facebook and they were being picked up. One lady told me they'd pick up between 10am and 7pm. The other from 2-3pm. He was there to pick up both. Before 8am. I wasn't ready.


Day 7: Hardest Day Conquered!

feat day 7 hardest sober day conquered success sobriety quit drinking

What a day! Bleh! A tiny, uninteresting history is probably necessary here. My body does not handle change well. My eatery system (I just made that up) is crap. I've always been extremely affected by whatever I put in my mouth and by hot temperatures. (I used to black out and puke any time we went to the beach and I got too hot.) I know. I'm annoying.